Itachi vs Natsu

itachi vs natsu.jpg

One of the favorite past times for anime lovers is comparing characters from different animes to see how each match up. Its usually easier to match up characters with similar powers such as powers who both lightning or Ice type of powers. For the first of this series, i would like to pit to fire users against each other as this is a very popular power type in the animeverse. Itachi vs Natsu is a very interesting fight as it has the potential to be a perpetual fight due to the arsenal possessed by both characters. To make this versus fights balanced, we would try to balance the power sources, we would equate them so in this case, chakra would be considered to be the same as magic. So let’s begin with an analysis of their abilities.

Itachi Uchiha uses two types of fire type powers (or called jutsus in Naruto) which is the standard fire release jutsus which any shinobi can use and then there is the Amaterasu; the black flames that engulf everything even fire itself. He also uses  the water release jutsus which can used to quench fire style power. Itachi Uchiha also has the power of the sharingan which he can use to place his opponents under genjutsu or in the animeverse mind-control or manipulation. He also has the Susanoo which is equipped with the yata mirror (an impenetrable shield) and the totsuka blade that can not be blocked and which seals the opponent in a world of drunkenness.


Natsu Dragneel, the dragon slayer uses fire magic to fight. His fighting style is mainly based on close quarters combat with using flames to augment his punches and kicks. He enhances his power by eating fire as it replenishes his magic reserves making him a dangerous opponent to anyone who uses fire based powers to fight. He can go into dragon mode which gives as much power as a dragon (the dragon can probably match the tailed beasts in power). He has a multitude of fire based techniques that are both long and short range in nature.

The fight would be analysed in two ways: hand to hand combat or use of powers. In hand to hand combat, both Natsu and Itachi are quite capable. A reanimated Itachi was able to match an imperfect jinchuriki Naruto in taijutsu. Natsu is quite the power house as he is able to match that of a dragon( comparable to a tailed beast) in dragon mode. Natsu is quite fast but Itachi can match Natsu’s speed and with the Sharingan, he can predict where he would be; a prime example of that is Sasuke being able to see Naruto’s movements more clearly with a fully awakened but untrained 3 tomoe sharingan. Natsu has been shown to have more stamina as some of his fights have lasted longer than Itachi’s fights although stamina would not be an issue. In terms of physical abilities, i would give it to Natsu due to his style of combat and his sheer physical strength.


When it comes to powers, Itachi has much more diverse powers. Natsu has a diverse range of fire techniques and he can combined them with lightning after eating Laxus’s lightning. Even with his range of fire techniques, his powers are still limited due to them being based on just two types: fire and lighting.  Itachi’s power diversity gives him the edge in this fight due to his possession of the sharingan as he can put Natsu under genjutsu and if he uses his mangekyo sharingan and uses the Susanoo, Natsu may not be able to even touch him. The totsuka blade is out of the question as it is a large and slow weapon and was used only on stationary opponents.

My results for this fight is that if it was a living Itachi, as long as Natsu doesn’t get caught by his genjutsu and moves fast enough to avoid the totsuka blade, he can outlast Itachi’s chakra reserve and win the fight. But for an edo tensei Itachi, Itachi would win the fight as he wouldn’t tire and has an endless supply of chakra while Natsu would tire out. An interesting thing to consider is it can be safely assumed that Natsu can eat normal fire release techniques, can he eat the black flames of amaterasu. He is shown to have eaten some weird flames that increased his powers but also hurt him in the process. I would love to hear your feedback on this. I would write an article on what may happen if the fairy tale guild attacks Konoha.


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