Boruto’s First Villain

After 13 episodes, the first villain in Boruto has been revealed and also in funny circumstances. She was a classmate of Boruto and a seemingly witless one and her reveal was surprising. It was a fresh perspective from having rogue shinobi of Jounin and Kage level with some somewhat noble quest or revolution. In this case, the villain who is the class rep is probably a shinobi with just chunin or genin skills but with a grudge against the village because her father work was shut down after the death of Danzo Shimura. The last episode has been by far the best episode in the whole series and we have loved and enjoyed it to the maximum due to the fact that we have been misdirected about who the villain is. Well what we know is that the class rep is being manipulated by stronger personality whose motive is not yet known and the connection to Kawaki is not yet known even if there is any.

Sumire, Boruto and Nue have been summoned to another dimension and we do not know if the portal was opened unwittingly by Boruto or by Sumire or some other person on the other side of the portal. This could have an interesting aspect to it when Naruto finds out that his son is on the other side of the portal. We still do not know if Naruto knows about Boruto’s power but we know that sensory type ninja can sense the chakra as shown by Mitsuki and Naruto. About Mitsuki, we can make some assumptions that the person who he is talking to is Orochimaru and so for now we do not know Orochimaru’s motive or interesting in Nue.

Would Boruto be able to save Sumire and get her to the good side like a young Naruto or would he be a different type of hero. I would discuss the similarities between Boruto and a Young Naruto


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