Comparison between Boruto and a young Naruto

Boruto’s character development in the anime has been going well but we can see a lot of similarities between him and a young Naruto but there are also a lot of differences between those two that it can be hardly said that Boruto is just a copy to Naruto at his age. The comparisons are shown below.


  • Boruto is as pigheaded and stubborn as his father was when his father was his age and this is shown in his attitude to situations and also in his insistence on getting involved with the Hashirama cell investigation.
  • Boruto is unyielding in defeat and he always tries to find a way out especially in battle and he comes up with different strategies to accomplish and this was shown in his battles against Iwabe and some of the possessed shinobi.
  • Boruto has a high standard of morality and thoroughly believes in it even though it betrays naiveté on his part especially when there is a high chance of a bad fallout if his decision.
  • Boruto has the ability to draw individuals close to him with just his personality and also has the ability to change people and help them see a better path ahead.
  • Boruto is an attention seeker even if it is father’s attention he wants and he gets involved into prank-like shenanigans just as his father did.
  • Boruto has a unique power (his dojutsu) and his father had the nine tails in him.
  • They both have verbal tics ( Dattebasa and Dattebayo) and people think they are both idiots.
  • Boruto would have Sarutobi Konohamaru as a positive influence in his life and Naruto had Sarutobi Hiruzen as a positive influence.


  • Boruto is a more skilled ninja than his father was at the same age. He can already perform the shadow clone and is the best shinobi in their generations (excluding Iwabe) in the physical aspect of ninja training while also being academically adept.
  • Boruto already uses a limited style of the gentle fist in his taijutsu battles while Naruto’s fighting style was more brute force with punches and kicks.
  • Boruto has had an easier childhood with friends and a home to go to with family while Naruto had no one and had to fight to make people acknowledge him.
  • Boruto doesn’t want to be Hokage like his father wanted at that same age.

Well, I can’t think of anymore for now but if you do, please leave it in the comment section.


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