Konoha’s Darkness and Boruto’s Dojutsu: a Mutated Byakugan??

The lastest episodes of the Boruto series has answered a lot of questions we have had for some time and it has also raised up some new ones. So firstly, it has answered the question about Nue. Nue is not some demon type tailed beast creature that can consume chakra and blow up but it is more like a pet summoning that is young and follows the will of its parent. This episode also shows that Konoha is not the perfect little village it is expected to be when the Hero of the last shinobi world war is its kage but it has a lot of problems and some of them are a result of the fallout from the last war. Sumire Kakei path into villain was as a result of the new shinobi system rejecting the old ways of the shadow and coming into the light and as such there is branding and labelling of shinobi who were die hard in those ways as criminal. While her path may have been changed, there may be a number of individuals like herself out there in Konoha with similar motives and also with arsenal of deadly jutsu; for now concerning that we can only speculate.

Another thing that was confirmed in this episode was that Boruto does have a dojutsu similar to the byakugan as he could see the Tenketsu of Nue showing that whatever his dojutsu is, it is strongly related to the byakugan. What we know of the byakugan is that whenever it is awaken, it is manifested in two eyes but Boruto’s dojutsu only manifests in his right eye. The fact that only he could see the chakra also shows that the sheer insight of his dojutsu and this brings to mind what kakashi said about the Byakugan being better than the sharingan when it comes to insight. His dojutsu could be a mutated byakugan caused by his exposure to the Nine tails chakra mixed with his hyuga blood or it could be something such as a Mangekyo Level Byakugan. The reason for this assumption is the fact that he could not only see but interact with the ghost and also even summon Nue unwittingly; this is shown where Obito was able to open portals to dimensions not his own but by copying them with his Kamui (Name of his Mangekyo Sharingan jutsu).

We have been given a glimpse of the power Boruto possesses and we can see that he is quite skilled in using the shadow clone technique and combining it with taijutsu and shuriken jutsu. He would only grow stronger and at this stage of life, he is stronger than his father. Naruto does get some crazy power-ups such as Sage mode and Kurama mode and to top it off, six paths sage mode. Boruto may not get those power-ups but for now the power in his right is sure to keep us entertained.


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